Headphone Highlights

G Perico

60 minsFirst aired 16 Jan 2018
Mar Snare

The South Central rapper and Jheri curl enthusiast talks his favorite raps and slow jams.

If you’re at a stoplight in Los Angeles and a gleaming, glinting German automobile pulls up next to you, and if emanating from its supple leather interior are the smooth sounds of Sade’s “Hang on to Your Love,” it might be G Perico. The South Central native has made a name for himself as a Jheri curl enthusiast raised by the code of the streets, a small business owner, and, foremost, a prolific artist who released three albums in 2017. Though his work and overall persona hews closely to G-funk traditionalism–he’s often compared to some amalgamation of DJ Quik and Suga Free–his world was bigger than the parameters set by Doggystyle and The Chronic. In a crowded childhood home, Perico would rap along with Juvenile’s “Back that Azz Up,” his mother listened to Adina Howard’s “Freak Like Me,” his grandmother grooved to Roy Ayers and subwoofers on the block shook and shuddered from the bass of E-40’s “Da Bumble.” Outwardly, he’s an unvarnished Crip; inwardly, he has studiously absorbed three generations of black music history. Listen here as he describes his old-school jams, from the sunshiney Ayers and the moody Sade to the glitz of Cash Money Records.


Interview by Torii McAdams
Engineered by Denis Hürter
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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