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60 minsFirst aired 3 Oct 2017
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Joyce NG

The South London producer and vocalist selects the music that inspired her new EP for Hyperdub, from pop to R&B and Disney soundtracks.

Born and raised in south London, Klein is a vocalist and producer who draws on myriad musical and pop culture influences to shape her intriguing sound – from the gospel of her Nigerian heritage, to ’90s R&B, Atlanta trap, Disney film soundtracks and ’00s pop-rock anthems. Starting to make her music in private, she self-released two albums in 2016, Lagata and Only, exploring electronic sampling, rumbling low-end and almost supernatural vocalisations. Describing the act of making music as a therapeutic release, or a way of keeping a diary of her emotions, Klein’s sound is a series of personalised experimentations. In 2017, Klein released her Tommy EP, her first for London’s legendary Hyperdub label.


Interview by Lauren Martin
Produced and engineered by Samuel Reinhard

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