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LAPS: Glasgow Experimental

60 minsFirst aired 20 Sep 2018Next Headphone Highlights Today at 10:00am EST
Courtesy of LAPS

The Glasgow duo, who bonded over industrial beats, Grace Jones and wicked humor, share experimental tracks from their city’s underground.

LAPS are the Glasgow-based duo of Alicia Matthews and Cassie Ezeji. After meeting at Glasgow’s Green Door Studios in 2011, via a youth unemployment and training course, Matthews and Ezeji bonded through their improvisational electronic jams, shared sense of humor and love for RuPaul. LAPS stands for Ladies As Pimps – they stand for female empowerment and the Glasgow underground, inspired as much by Grace Jones as gritty industrial electronics. Having been part of other groups – Matthews was in the duo Organs of Love and performed solo as Sue Zuki, Ezeji was one of the vocalists of riotous polymaths Golden Teacher – LAPS has become a project that bonds and experiments. The latest EP, Who Me?, was released in 2017 on London-based label MIC, five tracks of full-throttle sass. On this Headphone Highlights, the artists present a selection of experimental sounds from their hometown.


Interview by Lauren Martin
Engineered by JP del Mundo
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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