Headphone Highlights

Mor Elian

60 minsFirst aired 9 Oct 2018
Atalia Yaari

The Israeli DJ and producer selects the tracks that inspired her youthful curiosity in dance music, from Portishead to the KLF.

Mor Elian is an Israeli DJ and producer based in Berlin. Growing up in Tel Aviv, she became curious about DJing from her dance music-loving sister — after she moved to Los Angeles to study, she became part of the Into the Woods party with Jimmy Maheras, and started to DJ. After relocating to Berlin she stepped up her music production, releasing original music on labels such as Hypercolour, Finale Sessions, Prime Numbers and Delft. She also runs her own label, Fever AM, with Rhyw from the techno duo Cassegrain. Her latest release, 2018’s Fairplex Drive EP, came through the Dutch label Radio Matrix – it’s four tracks of cutting-edge contemporary electro that are as slamming as they are strange. On this episode of Headphone Highlights, Mor Elian discusses the tracks from her childhood and early adolescence that introduced her to dance music and made her want more.


Interview by Emma Robertson
Engineered by JP del Mundo
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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