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Nils Bech: Natural Voices

60 minsFirst aired 19 Apr 2017
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Benjamin Huseby

What do Maria Callas and Rihanna have in common? Norwegian singer and musician Nils Bech selects natural voices that speak to him.

Nils Bech is a classically trained singer and musician whose heavenly falsetto and boundary-teasing performances have raised eyebrows and garnered him praise almost simultaneously. Sure that he would one day be a professional opera singer, Bech devoted his youth to studying the craft only to find its traditions creatively stifling. Figuring out that he was more interested in addressing human emotion than hitting the perfect note every time, he realised that he needed to tell his own stories and so started to write his own music. After his three solo albums on Norwegian label Fysisk Format – 2010’s Look Back, 2012’s Look Inside and 2014’s One Year – gained him a native following, his 2016 album Echo on James Murphy’s DFA label brought him to greater international attention. Bridging the indie pop, classical and experimental club worlds with his often theatrical performances, and collaborations with producers like fellow Norwegian and RBMA alum Drippin, Nils Bech has expanded his sonic repertoire – lacing his classical-tinged vocals and delicate string arrangements into glacial electronic beats and playful pop melodies.


Interview by Arno Raffeiner
Engineered by Samuel Reinhard
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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