Headphone Highlights

Noga Erez

60 minsFirst aired 5 Sep 2017
Tonje Thilesen

Missy, Sophie and FlyLo: Tel Aviv’s rising singer-producer shines a light on the sounds that inform her agitating pop anthems.

Noga Erez’s music plays along the fine line between dancefloor escapism and deep thought. Despite being a trained jazz musician and composer, the Tel Aviv-based singer and producer started making a name for herself when she discovered the liberating effects of using the computer as her main musical instrument — she was inspired by producers like Flying Lotus and Sophie. Together with her musical partner Ori Rousso, Erez processes a world of unrest and instability through an electronic-pop template that is earnest and eccentric at the same time. In this episode of Headphone Highlights, Erez lists the influences that helped her rethink her musical education and worked to shape a new methodology for her debut album, Off the Radar.


Interview by Julian Brimmers
Engineered by Samuel Reinhard
Produced by Julian Brimmers and Carmen Hofmann

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