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Phoebe Kiddo presents: Mind:Body:Fitness

60 minsFirst aired 1 Apr 2016
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Berlin’s errant electronic producer Phoebe Kiddo presents some of the inspirations behind her new holistic project Mind:Body:Fitness.

There can’t be many artists who have played on the same bill as Laurel Halo, Blue Daisy or Logos – and who also collect feathers. Australian-born artist Phoebe Kiddo aka Mind:Body:Fitness, is one such colourful individual. Studying polyrhythmic complexities and building on Edgard Varèse’s ideas of organised sound, Phoebe’s debut EP, Tripping On The Wake Of Goodbyes, with its strata of diaphanous synths and sub-bass wells, was released on fellow Academy grad Anenon’s Non Projects imprint. Her first full-length LP, Artefacts Of Broken Dreams, was crafted during a self-described period as a “musical pilgrim” working in borrowed studios between LA and Berlin. Now residing in the German capital, Phoebe has satirically embraced her profession within the health industry, and her new project Mind:Body:Fitness explores the dark side of modern culture with noisy, cold and abstracted dance motifs and tense, rhythmically complex idiosyncrasies. Selected by CTM Festival as a Berlin Current supported artist alongside other upcoming musicians such as TCF, M.E.S.H. Lotic, OAKE and Lumisokea, her deliberately peculiar and genre-defying compositions are regarded as part of the aesthetically-aware Berlin soundscape, finding their own place amongst the European vanguard.

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