Headphone Highlights

Rachel Lyn

60 minsFirst aired 18 Dec 2018
Nhi Nhinja

The Berlin-based modular-synth enthusiast and DJ presents a selection of inspirational tunes, from Old Apparatus to Jean-Michel Jarre.

Rachel Lyn grew up in the Australian countryside among blooming flowerbeds and idyllic landscapes; her DJ sets and mixes combine drifting, energetic soundscapes with beat-driven, vibrant tones, revealing a music connoisseur who loves to play with the possibilities of techno. After holding down a residency at London’s Village Underground, Rachel Lyn moved to Berlin in late 2016 and joined the city’s Oscillate crew. She often performs ambient DJ/hybrid sets in which she combines special listening records with her modular system. In 2017, Rachel launched Modular Gang, a modular-synth platform and party series. For her episode of Headphone Highlights, Rachel curates a diverse playlist that discloses her musical inspirations, and discusses one of her first records, becoming a musician and her hybrid performance style.


Interview by Franziska Finkenstein
Engineered by Marc Übel
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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