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60 minsFirst aired 15 Nov 2016This episode is unavailable. Why?
Lisa Khanna

The French-born, Berlin-based electronic shapeshifter explores the intersection of childhood and music, both literally and figuratively.

Hermione Frank, AKA rRoxymore got her start in Montpellier, France, splitting time between making music in an abandoned garage and DJ-ing local nightspots with a unique blend of organic funk and jazz with electronic grooves. Following a stint in Paris, she eventually landed in Berlin and linked up with Jam Rostron, AKA Planningtorock, who not only recruited Frank for her live show, but also released the first official rRoxymore track, “Wheel Of Fortune”, on a split 12” via her Human Level label. The imprint also played host to Frank’s 2013 EP Precarious/Precious, but music from rRoxymore has appeared on a number of labels in recent years, including Cómeme, Huntleys + Palmers, and Macro, which issued her Tautologies EP in 2015. Throughout this time, Frank has gradually moved toward techno while continuing to DJ around the globe, and she’s also teamed up with Rostron for another project that also includes Paula Temple and The Knife’s Oni Ayhun. The foursome put together a collaborative EP, Decon/Recon #1, for Temple’s Noise Manifesto label that surfaced in early 2015.


Interview by Shawn Reynaldo
Engineered by Frank Westerkamp
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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