Headphone Highlights

Sam Lao

60 minsFirst aired 13 Nov 2018
Karlo X Ramos

The Dallas rapper/singer with a soulful edge selects music that inspires her, from slick southern hip hop to ’70s rock and soft R&B jams.

Sam Lao is a vocalist from Dallas, Texas, whose work marries R&B, rap and soulful pop. After leaving a graphic design course in 2012 and falling out of love with her multimedia art practice, Lao felt like she was losing her way creatively — she got inspired again after being invited into the studio by friends and collaborators Brain Gang, and soon released her debut solo EP, West Pantego.. In 2016 she put out her debut full-length SPCTRM, which won best album at the Dallas Observer Music Awards. In this episode of Headphone Highlights, Lao presents the songs that keep inspiring her, from ’70s rock and tender R&B jams to rap classics from Texas and elsewhere.


Interview by Matt Sonzala
Engineered by Frank Westerkamp
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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