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Sandunes: Songs from the Sub-Continent

60 minsFirst aired 18 Sep 2017
Courtesy of Sandunes

The rising Mumbai electronic artist weaves a sonic timeline across the Indian subcontinent, from the 1940s to the present day.

Sanaya Ardeshir is an electronic producer from Mumbai, India. She’s best known for playing synths in the popular Indian electronic-pop group Dualist Inquiry, which is where she met RBMA alum Jivraj Singh — the two went on to start their own electronica group called Perfect Timing. Ardeshir’s solo project, Sandunes, has been gaining momentum internationally, thanks to her tactile and multilayered live performances. The sound of Sandunes works in a sculptural way — she builds synth harmonies into subtle, looping crescendos, her arrangements drawing from downtempo hip-hop, electronica and house.


Interview by Christine Kakaire
Engineered by Samuel Reinhard
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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