Headphone Highlights

Soccer Mommy

60 minsFirst aired 28 Aug 2018
Kelsey Hart

From Cars’ deep cuts to Mitski gems, songwriter Sophie Allison takes us on a journey through the music that has shaped her world.

Sophie Allison, the mind behind Soccer Mommy, makes songs that vibrate with both melancholy and possibility. The Nashville musician has been playing guitar since childhood, and came up going to shows in the city’s DIY all-ages scene. Allison first cultivated her unique approach to bedroom pop by posting gripping, guitar-driven tracks on Tumblr and Bandcamp purely out of joy. It was her ear for songwriting — direct and devastating at the same time — that earned her acclaim, particularly with her first collection of songs on the influential Orchid Tapes label. She evolved her solo project into a full band, and released her debut album, Clean, in 2018. It brims with earth-shaking rhythms about change, and the different forms that love takes (and sometimes breaks) within us. In her Headphone Highlights, Allison takes listeners through the varied music that has shaped her world, from the Cars to Mitski.


Interview by Paula Mejia
Engineered by JP del Mundo
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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