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Sophia Brous: Music for Dreaming

60 minsFirst aired 10 May 2018This episode is unavailable. Why?
Brett Walker

Take a trip through the surreal and transformative music of dreams, led by the NY-­based Australian composer, singer and performer.

Sophia Brous is an Australian composer and singer whose work explores the experimental edges of jazz. Based in NYC, Brous takes us on a fantastic journey through the surreal and transformative music that has inspired her performance during Red Bull Music Festival NY. Based on William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin’s hypnagogic invention the Dream Machine, the event of the same name is bringing together a diverse roster of artists, from Throbbing Gristle’s Genesis Breyer P­-Orridge to the traditional Moroccan trance artists the Master Musicians of Jajouka. In preparation for this ambitious evening, Brous leads us through some of the music made by her idols and collaborators that emulates the fragmented and spontaneous nature of dreams: The musique concrète of Luc Ferrari, Vangelis’ spectral soundtrack from the original Blade Runner and her own improvisational work with the singer Kimbra as EXO­TECH.


Interview by Sophie Weiner
Engineered by JP del Mundo
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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