Headphone Highlights

Toro Y Moi

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Toro Y Moi’s style is a combination of the folky and funky, boggling the mind and easing the soul. Chaz Bundick picks faves and influences.

Born to parents that took in everything that NYC’s busy underground scene had to offer in the ’70s and ’80s to then move to South Carolina for a bit of peace and quiet, Chaz Bundick’s music sounds like the perfect blend of both. Taking in his parents’ massive vinyl and tape collection, his tracks take the buzzing creativity of a place like New York City and approach it in a warmly laid-back way. Admiring Sonic Youth as much as J Dilla and Daft Punk, he started in music with a punk band but soon put the focus on his solo projects, most notably Toro Y Moi, where all of his influences meet to great effect. Like a rural, funky cousin to Animal Collective, he has been creating tracks that might be stylistically diverse, but always carry his unique sound signature (which also goes for the Les Sins, moniker he uses for house tracks).

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