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ElectronicHosted30 March 2017
Photo by Elizabeth Herring

Armed with tracks that teeter on the edge of blowing out, Discwoman co-founder Umfang talks about the driving techno rhythms that shape her style.

One of the core figures of Discwoman – the NY-based, all-female collective of artists and club promoters, which aims to promote female-identified talent in the US electronic underground – the Kansas-born and Brooklyn-based Emma Olson, aka Umfang, has kept her ear to the ground for years. In keeping with the German meaning of “umfang,” “circumference”, she orbits the same axis of many of her techno-loving peers: DJ-ing at Brooklyn’s Bossa Nova Civic Club for her monthly Technofeminism residency, or at Aurora Halal and Zara Wladawsky’s Catskills-based Sustain-Release festival, pushing a sublime and icy style of dark techno, teasing out abstract beats to gargantuan effect. As a producer, she’s released music on labels such 1080p and Phinery Tapes, her 2016 EP Riffs being her most prominent creative statement to date.

Interview by Emma Robertson
Produced by Samuel Reinhard

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