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Ziúr: Emotionally Charged

60 minsFirst aired 18 Aug 2017
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Courtesy of Ziúr

The Berlin-based experimental producer selects emotionally charged music to cry to or feel empowered by: From Yves Tumor to Nina Simone.

As a DJ, Ziúr has gone on tour with electroclash and avant-pop queen Peaches, and runs the BOO HOO party in her current home of Berlin. As a producer, she’s remixed Peaches (again), but her own sound is another beast entirely. On her Taiga and Deeform EPs, released in 2016 on the Infinite Machine and Objects Limited labels respectively, she draws swords, splicing apart grime, techno, noise and the extremities of club-focused percussive beats, and creating a very particular musical universe of her own. With her use of space, tone and drama, her records are tense and exhilarating listens, with decidedly sonorous smirks. Live, Ziúr performs her sounds with an apt intensity: sample-based, industrial beats take on an almost anti-harmonic intent; glass crashes against sheet metal; wood vibrates and glottal stops hang thickly, wailing transmissions thrust into the ether.


Interview by Emma Robertson
Produced and engineered by Samuel Reinhard

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