Honey Soundsystem

Jackie's IDM Spring

120 minsFirst aired 25 Apr 2019
Courtesy of Jacob Sperber

Music for reading, cooking, stretching, looking out at the trees and crying, one gentle synth wash at a time.

A spiritual cousin to the mix of warming ambient cuts Jackie House put together this winter, this month’s episode of Honey Soundsystem celebrates the arrival of spring in all its sun-kissed glory. This time around, he leans into the softer, dreamier side of IDM, ranging from introspective ’90s rarities to more contemporary cuts. Tune in for celestial synth washes and gentle glitches from the likes of Control X, Gunnar Haslam, Pan American and Spacetime Continuum. “I’m in the mix with something pretty to calm your brain down and tickle those earlobes,” Jackie says.


Produced by Emilie Friedlander
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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