Honey Soundsystem

Aria Rostami

120 minsFirst aired 25 Jan 2018
Brian Quick

The Brooklyn-based artist takes Jackie House through his diverse discography and shares stories of writing his latest album, Numb Years.

For Brooklyn-based producer Aria Rostami, the “why” behind his music is just as important as what he’s made. With sounds that range from field recordings and ambient to uptempo house and techno, Rostami explores how culture is transmitted and how it’s received. A musician since 1997 and producer since 2004, his concept-driven music has been released by labels such as Spring Theory, Glacial Movements, Dark Entries and Jacktone Records; his latest album, Numb Years, was just released on his own Intimate Inanimate label, capturing his recent move to New York and the rush of creativity that was set loose. In this month’s episode of Honey Soundsystem, Rostami shares the story of the album’s swift development with host Jackie House, who also mixes up the first hour.


Produced by Jacob Sperber and Steve Mizek
Engineered by Joe Hazan
Illustration by Brian Quick

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