Honey Soundsystem

Jackie House’s Ambient Beginnings

120 minsFirst aired 24 Jan 2019
Mariah Claire Tiffany

Warming, meditative tones for the iciest time of year.

This month on Honey Soundsystem, Jackie House takes a break from interviewing legends from the gay club scene to celebrate the start of a new year — not with party music, but with a mix of warming ambient tracks for relaxation and restoration. Set aside that deadline that’s looming, give yourself a hug and tune in for some spacious, slow-moving cuts from the likes of J.D. Emmanuel, Aisha Devi and Massimiliano Pagliara. “I hope you’re sitting, stretching, driving, in a meditative mood, because the next two hours are going to be the perfect soundtrack for that,” Jackie says.


Produced by Emilie Friedlander
Engineered by Joe Hazan
Illustration by Brian Quick

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