Honey Soundsystem

Jackie House’s Tour Diary

120 minsFirst aired 23 Aug 2018
Artwork by Brian Quick

Jackie House returns from a six-week tour to share sweaty peak-time anthems and stories from Europe’s queer underground.

Fresh off a six-week European tour with the Honey Soundsystem crew, Jackie House couldn’t resist sharing some of his favorite stories and set-staples from the road. Between partying with the UK’s Love Muscle crew in a car repair shop in Manchester, making new friends in a gay nightclub in Budapest and closing out Berlin’s Panorama Bar for the first time, it was an epic journey through the continent’s queer dance music underground, soundtracked by one blissfully laidback summer scorcher after the next. Tune in for a bewitching Morven Son cut from Honey Soundsystem Records’ new Tour Diary EP and a drop-dead gorgeous Sade remix by Timo Johns. Plus, look out for Jackie’s own edit of a balearic banger he heard Horse Meat Disco legend Luke Howard play at an open-air venue in Croatia this summer — the remix is based entirely on the song’s break. Oh, and bird sounds galore.


Produced by Harley Brown

Engineered by Conor Anderson

Illustration by Brian Quick

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