Honey Soundsystem

Jeffrey Sfire

120 minsFirst aired 25 May 2017
Jeremy Deputat / Brian Quick

Macho City in Motor City: a storied Detroit-based collector of party-starting disco, Italo and house drops a floor-filling guest mix.

Given his Detroit pedigree and years spent in Berlin, you might expect Jeffrey Sfire to be a techno DJ. The city that really set him on his musical path, however, was Chicago – he moved there at 18 and, by way of myriad hours spent in the city’s record bins, discovered Italo, hi-NRG and various other strains of wonderfully sleazy vintage dance music. Now back in Detroit after his Berlin period, where he regularly plied his craft at parties like Cocktail d’Amore, Sfire has kept busy. Along with Scott Zacharias and Mike Trombley, he holds a residency at the city’s excellent disco night Macho City. He’s also teamed up with Ian Clark (AKA Perspects) on Looky Looky, a new production and live duo bringing a contemporary twist to the sounds that tend to overflow from Sfire’s record bag. In honor of Red Bull Radio’s week of broadcasts from Detroit, Honey Soundsystem impresario Jackie House dials up the self-proclaimed WBMX acolyte and presents a floor-filling guest mix. As always, tune in at the top of the show for an hour of Jackie House’s latest musical obsessions.


Produced by Jordan Rothlein
Engineered by Ryan Woodhall
Illustration by Brian Quick

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