Honey Soundsystem

Jim Hopkins

120 minsFirst aired 28 Jun 2018
Artwork by Brian Quick

A veteran DJ, remixer and producer from San Francisco’s hi-NRG and underground rave scene dishes on his more than 30 years in the biz.

Jim Hopkins has been a fixture of San Francisco’s underground dance scene since the early 1980s. Finding his way in through hi-NRG and new wave, Hopkins contributed more than a hundred reel-to-reel tape edits to remix service labels like Disconet, Hot Tracks and Rhythm Stick. Producing breakbeat house and DJing at early SF raves in the early 1990s, he joined up with DJ Dan to make music and perform as the Electroliners. They’re best known for the breakbeat acid track “Loose Caboose,” which was released on Hopkins’ Twitch Recordings label in 1995. These days he’s focused on his organization, the San Francisco Disco Preservation Society, hunting down, digitizing, preserving and remastering rare DJ mixtapes dating back to the mid-70s. This month on Honey Soundsystem, Jackie House digs into Hopkins’ extensive history in San Francisco’s dance music scene and his efforts to safeguard that time period for generations to come.


Produced by Jacob Sperber and Steve Mizek
Illustration by Brian Quick

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