Honey Soundsystem

Keenan Orr

120 minsFirst aired 22 Feb 2018Next Honey Soundsystem Thu 06/27 at 4:00pm EDT
Brian Quick

More than 20 years into his DJ career, DC’s Keenan Orr is finally getting the acclaim he deserves. Jackie House has the scoop.

The old adage “slow and steady wins the race” often feels out of step with the fast-paced dance music scene. But for Keenan Orr, a veteran DJ hailing from Washington, DC, that maxim appears to be coming true. Orr got his start during the ’90s at DC underground clubs like Buzz/Nation, Red and Club Five, and over the years his impressive mixture of driving disco and techno sounds has earned him a real fanbase. Following multiple local residencies, Orr’s rising star has recently taken him to the Honey Soundsystem and Honcho parties, as well as Buttons in Berlin and other clubs abroad. In 2017, Orr helped launch SLEAZE, a monthly queer event that reflects his taste in dark techno and disco, a sampling of which can be found in his guest mix for Honey Soundsystem. Jackie House gave Orr a call to discuss the long journey that brought him to this point. Your host also contributes his own mix to open the episode.


Produced by Jacob Sperber and Steve Mizek
Engineered by Michael Blumenfeld
Illustration by Brian Quick

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