Honey Soundsystem


120 minsFirst aired 26 Apr 2018
Artwork by Brian Quick

Jackie House quizzes East Asian scene stalwart Ouissam about starting his own nightclub in Hanoi and integrating into eastern culture.

Ouissam Mokretar has kept busy laying down roots in the East Asian electronic scene since landing there ten years ago. On top of founding the labels Cliche Records, Fragrant Harbour and Homesick in Hong Kong, this enterprising DJ and promoter opened the widely adored Hanoi nightclub Savage in 2016. He’s also fresh from throwing the second Equation festival in Hanoi, which showcases regional and international electronic music. In this episode of Honey Soundsystem, Jackie House gets Ouissam on the Honeyphone to discuss his expat experience in Hong Kong, the story of opening Savage and the tricky subject of homosexuality in Asia. You’ll also hear exclusive mixes from Ouissam and your ever loquacious host.


Produced by Jacob Sperber and Steve Mizek
Illustration by Brian Quick

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