Honey Soundsystem


120 minsFirst aired 25 Oct 2018
Roi Perez

Get to know Tel Aviv’s queer club scene with the longtime Block resident.

Though he recently relocated to Berlin, Avihay Partok still flies back to Israel almost every month to DJ at the Block, the legendary Tel Aviv nightclub known for its inclusive ethos and David Mancuso-approved soundsystem. Before he became a resident and started booking artists there, he’d already been partying and DJing in Tel Aviv since the mid-’90s, immersing himself in the city’s diverse musical scenes and close-knit LGBTQ community. On this episode of Honey Soundsystem, Partok shares his experiences coming of age as a gay man from a religious Jewish family and his time in the Israeli music underground, from the forest techno raves and goth parties of his youth to his rise to prominence as one the country’s most formidable DJs. (He’ll also discuss some Middle Eastern pop divas who inspired him along the way.) The episode opens with a ferocious Halloween-themed mix by our host Jackie House, who describes it as “60 minutes of dragging you to hell.”


Produced by Emilie Friedlander
Engineered by Conor Anderson
Illustration by Brian Quick

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