Honey Soundsystem

Steve Fabus

120 minsFirst aired 27 Dec 2018
Steve Fabus

Join the San Francisco disco legend for a trip through 20th-century American counterculture, from the hippie era to the birth of house.

Steve Fabus is perhaps best known as one of the founding fathers of San Francisco’s gay disco scene, but his DJ career spans just about every major countercultural moment in the past half century, from the civil rights movement in his native Chicago and the hippie communes of Northern California to the rise of house music at the Paradise Garage. Since he began his career soundtracking psychedelic gatherings in the Midwest, Fabus has always seen his role as taking party-goers on a trip — on this special episode of Honey Soundsystem, he takes us on a journey through American history as he lived it.

In a long-format interview with longtime friend and mentee Jackie House, Fabus discusses his legendary residencies at San Francisco institutions like I-Beam and the EndUp, playing bathhouses south of Market Street and using music to foster community during the AIDS crisis. He also shares some of the music that’s given him that magic feeling over the past half-century, including the sort of disco fare you might hear him play at his monthly Go-Bang! party, and kaleidoscopic cuts from Jimi Hendrix, Giorgio Moroder and Frankie Knuckles (who makes a moving cameo in the narrative in the second hour).


Produced by Emilie Friedlander
Engineered by Conor Anderson
Illustration by Brian Quick

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