Honey Soundsystem

Vicki Powell

120 minsFirst aired 24 Aug 2017
Brian Quick

The Deep South resident presents a mix of 100% female-produced tracks and talks about throwing parties and creating community in Atlanta.

Vicki Powell’s DJ career began at Big Shanty Skating Rink outside of Atlanta. She was a competitive speed skater, but her heart was in the music that blasted over the PA — at age 13 she found herself in the booth. She later found inspiration at Backstreet, Midtown Atlanta’s legendary gay afterhours club, notable for its enormous size and hefty level of debauchery. Deep South, the monthly party she now runs in Atlanta, is a rager for sure, but it’s a considerably more intimate affair: Powell likes to set up the DJ booth right in the middle of the crowd, and she’s made mentorship and community a key part of the equation. On this installment of Honey Soundsystem with impresario Jackie House, Powell discusses the winding path that brought her to Deep South, and presents a guest mix comprised solely of music produced by women. As always, the first hour of the show belongs to Jackie House, whose first track, CVBox’s “707 Dubbing,” sets the tone for a mix of vintage drum machine-inspired workouts.


Produced by Jordan Rothlein and Jacob Sperber
Engineered by Joe Hazan
Illustration by Brian Quick

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