Honey Soundsystem

Vin Sol

120 minsFirst aired 28 Sep 2017
Brian Quick

The accomplished house and techno producer and Club Lonely mastermind digs into his history in the San Francisco queer party scene.

San Francisco native Vin Sol has witnessed the city and its dance music scene change a great deal since he started DJing professionally at age 18. Getting his start as an apprentice for a veteran San Fran DJ, Sol is now a pillar of the community who produces music and runs the Club Lonely record label and party of the same name. Dubbed “a safe place to play house,” the event is a freak-friendly showcase for Sol’s rough and rhythmic sound, which often falls into the murky space between house and techno. In this month’s episode of Honey Soundsystem with Jackie House, Vin dishes on his first big breaks, Club Lonely’s unique dynamics, and mixes hour two of the show. Ms Jackie House helms the first hour, per usual.


Produced by Jordan Rothlein and Jacob Sperber
Engineered by Joe Hazan
Illustration by Brian Quick

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