John Collins presents The Soul of Detroit

The Sonic Natives

120 minsFirst aired 9 Dec 2018
Courtesy of John Collins

John Collins is joined in the studio by three members of the house music collective who share the sounds and stories from their careers.

Formed in 2014, the Sonic Natives are a collective of seasoned DJs and producers with harmonious musical tastes. Their mission is to “cultivate new nightlives and dancers at heart.” The eight-member crew spans from Detroit to Baltimore, Chicago and NYC, and has played events around the world and music festivals such as Movement and Charivari. On this special episode of the Soul of Detroit, John Collins is joined by three Sonic Natives members: DJ Magic, Earl Mixxin McKinney and Al Ester. Listen in as they talk shop and break down musical influences and inspirations.


Produced by Conor Anderson
Engineered by Veniece Session

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