The K-HAND Music Show

Detroit’s Blueprint with DJ Pacc Mann

120 minsFirst aired 24 Jun 2018Next The K-HAND Music Show Sat at 2:00pm EDT
Max Schiano

The globetrotting DJ returns to the Detroit decks to mix it up with her special guest and lay down some obscure techno and curveball tracks.

Fresh off the plane from her Australasian tour, Kelli Hand has been around the world and back. After hitting clubs in Japan, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Australia, the First Lady of Techno takes this opportunity to return to her Motor City roots. Today’s show highlights Detroit artists such as Jeff Mills, Drexciya and UR, the ones who created the blueprint. K-HAND is joined in the studio by longtime friend and Acacia Label affiliate DJ Pacc Mann, who lays down a 45-minute mix of jacking techno and dirty ghettotech.


Produced and Engineered by Conor Anderson

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