A Fresh Squeeze with Vitamin Wig C

120 minsFirst aired 11 Apr 2017
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In his first-ever interview, Vitamin Wig C reveals his singular sound spectrum, burning at the outer edges of Los Angeles’ music community.

Vitamin Wig C is an outlier makes sounds reflecting his obsessive soul-mining. While an expression of within, Vitamin Wig C’s music is equally inspired by the Los Angeles terrain and the countless hours he spends traversing it on foot. His songs are spring-loaded pop rockets that can twist and turn into booming bouncers or glorious ambient tones in a blink. With a mountain of releases under his belt, Vitamin Wig C leads a quest that is ever-evolving. For his first-ever interview, Vitamin Wig C invited Frosty into the confines of his Sunland compound to give a squeeze of liquid sunshine.

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