High Performance with Emily Mast

120 minsFirst aired 13 Dec 2016This episode is unavailable. Why?

Emily Mast lifts the curtain on the sonic aspects of her collaborative art performances.

Emily Mast is a Los Angeles-based artist focused on “making performances.” She is interested in generating questions through her artistic activities and revels in the possibility of miscommunication. Using theatrical devices, dance and music, Mast conjures worlds – often surreal – in which to engage with audiences. Preferring to remove herself from the center of her work, she instead assembles micro-communities of performers to help realize her visions. Emily’s bespoke teams of collaborators have included stunt men, sign language interpreters, whistlers, stutterers, tap dancers, inter-species communicators and parkour experts. Many of her works are anchored by custom sound design and music scores that enliven the experience. On this episode of LAndscape, Emily Mast joins Frosty to share these sounds and give insight into the inner workings of her outré art action.

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