East Side Story Project

120 minsFirst aired 4 Apr 2017
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Melissa Dueñas pieces together the mysteries of the iconic East Side Story compilations by telling the stories behind their album covers.

Lowrider oldies are integral to the fabric of the Los Angeles Chicano existence, and the East Side Story compilations are holy grails of this sound. Featuring freshly attired characters alongside bomb cars, the photos emblazoned on the album covers may speak volumes, but DJ and historian Melissa Dueñas sought to know more. Her East Side Story Project is an ongoing transmedia documentary undertaking that’s piecing together the oral histories of the people and places in the picture. With each new revelation, she’s connecting the dots within a multigenerational community cruising on cool wavelengths. On this episode of LAndscape, Dueñas and Frosty venture to four of the Los Angeles parks that appeared on the album covers. You’ll hear Dueñas’ favorite East Side Story cuts, plus her own tangential selections celebrating the lowrider sound.

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