Bowie by Basinski

120 minsFirst aired 31 Jan 2017This episode is unavailable. Why?

Composer William Basinski pays tribute to his idol David Bowie and unveils a new composition inspired by the shape-shifting starman.

William Basinski is widely known for his Disintegration Loops series, masterworks of decaying magnetic tape crafted into monumental compositions. These epic, brooding pieces penetrate the soul as they fade into oblivion. The music that’s been looping in Basinski’s own head, however, is something altogether different. Since his first contact in the early ’70s, he’s been obsessed with David Bowie. On this episode of LAndscape, Basinski joins host Frosty to share his favorite LA-centric Bowie tunes and musings on his love for the legend. The show caps off with new Basinski compositions dedicated to the Thin White Duke.

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