Leisure System

Modular Berlin

60 minsFirst aired 8 Nov 2018
Artwork by Ted Guerrero

Barker, Golden Medusa and special guest JakoJako (of SchneidersLaden-fame) explore Berlin’s tightly knit modular synth community.

For this month’s episode, Leisure System’s Barker and Golden Medusa dig deep into the Berlin modular scene. Barker has a longer history with modular synthesis, regularly incorporating it into his musical production process, whereas Golden Medusa considers herself a total modular rookie. Together they are catching up with the Berlin-based modular advocate and techno artist JakoJako, who works at the legendary hub SchneidersLaden. JakoJako reflects about how she made her way into the scene, gives advice on how to get started and discusses important names and events relating to the subject. Stay tuned for an exclusive 20-minute live mix to round off the show.


Hosted by Sam Barker and Golden Medusa
Produced by Julian Brimmers

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