Primitive Languages

60 minsFirst aired 21 Mar 2017
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Nick Klein and Miguel Alvariño of Brooklyn’s Primitive Languages label join Entro Senestre in our New York studio to talk shop.

The Primitive Languages label traces its roots to Miami, where Nick Klein and Miguel Alvariño attended art school and immersed themselves in the city’s deeply underground and experimental music scene. A move to New York, though, really pushed them to make music – with art studio space pretty much nonexistent, making tracks just felt like a more reasonably economical way to create. Launching in 2014 with a cassette constituting Alvariño’s debut release, Primitive Languages has since racked up tapes from the likes of Cienfuegos, Wilted Woman, Shane English and Just the Right Height, and pushed a techno-indebted sound that can’t help but betray the label’s noisy roots. Alvariño (under the name Enrique) and Klein recently featured on L.I.E.S.‘s No Payments Rejected comp, and L.I.E.S. label manager Entro Senestre has been itching to get them on the radio since. So, here they are, discussing the label’s roots and next movements, and playing lots of music from Primitive Languages and beyond.

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