Lunatic Love Songs with Vladimir Ivkovic

Innovative Communication

120 minsNext Lunatic Love Songs with Vladimir Ivkovic Sat at 9:00am EST
Courtesy of Vladimir Ivkovic

We explore the vaunted catalog of Klaus Schulze’s experimental new age label, and find music from Richard Wahnfried and Robert Schröder.

From Belgrade to Düsseldorf, Vladimir Ivkovic applies his unique aesthetic lens to a fascinating array of leftfield electronic music and experimental composition, creating a compelling show that is as much sound collage as it is radio tribute. Each month our host unearths scenes and artists from across Europe who dare to ask questions about tone, form and timbre while challenging the status quo. Lunatic Love Songs is a call to arms against conformity, and asks you to forget what you know during a two-hour journey down the rabbit hole.

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