Lunatic Love Songs with Vladimir Ivkovic

Yugoslav ’80s

120 minsFirst aired 28 Nov 2018
Artwork by Henrik Büren

We take a ghost-train ride through the formative and influential tracks of Vladimir Ivkovic’s youth in Belgrade.

Vladimir Ivkovic goes on a journey through the formative and important tracks of his youth in Belgrade from the ’80s, a melting pot of punk, dub, new wave and experimental electronic music. But while this mix of styles was simultaneously happening in cities around the world, Yugoslavia brought a unique twist to the resulting music, creating a sound like nowhere else. For the next two hours, listen to stripped down reggae punk, weird synths and wired soundscapes from Šarlo Akrobata, Idoli, Borghesia, Du Du A, Laibach, Rex Ilusivii and many more.

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