Main Stage

Alma Negra at Jetztmusik Festival

94 minsRecorded 22 Apr 2017 at Jetzt Musik Festival in Mannheim, GermanyThis episode is unavailable. Why?
© Jetztmusik Festival Mannheim

A Swiss mix of tribal and modern, organic and crafted rhythms with a touch of jazz and deep atmospherics. Recorded live in Mannheim.

Four friends from Cape Verde and the Mediterranean found themselves in Switzerland, fusing disparate and kindred musical elements — Afro-Cuban and African rhythms and chants, house beats and lashings of jazz — into their dancefloor releases as Alma Negra. With their edits on Sofrito and Highlife, they immediately caught a rep for energetic cuts and dynamic arrangements before turning their attention to self-produced tracks on Basic Fingers, Heist, Hot Case and the Dimensions Festival label.

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