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Anstam at Nachtdigital

54 minsRecorded 1 Aug 2013 at Nachtdigital in OlganitzNext Main Stage Tomorrow at 4:30am EST
Courtesy of Nachtdigital

Elusive Berlin producer and 50Weapons cohort Anstam takes his bass-heavy sounds and dystopian soundscapes to Nachtdigital 2013.

Whether it is or isn’t part of the appeal – 50Weapons/Monkeytown’s thoroughly screened techno enigma Anstam has made a name for himself without feeding the tireless Berlin scene gossip machine. We do know, however, that Anstam started out as a brotherly duo, hailing from the German capital, crafting the most vibrant elements of grimey, fierce electronics into a dystopian techno melange that delivered on the promise of their hometown’s nightlife. After a 12” trilogy in 2007, Anstam returned as Lars Stöwe’s solo project. Following a string of releases in 2011, Anstam not only played at festivals like Mutek and Melt! and handled remix duties for the likes of Thom Yorke, but also released his full-length debut Dispel Dances and the sophomore album Stones And Woods. And we couldn’t pin down the evolution between these two better than the maestro himself: “If Dispel Dances was the journey deep in to the heart of Anstam – then Stones And Woods is the diary of living there”. Since September 2014, fans of dystopian techno and thundering low-end that appeals as much to the dancefloor as to the listeners undertow, can decide for themselves how Names, Anstam’s third, vocal-driven album sets forth this successful series of recordings for 50Weapons/Monkeytown.

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