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Audio InFunktion

66 mins|Recorded 1 Aug 2013Next Main Stage Today at 11:00am EDT

Sarajevo-raised producer Audio InFunktion puts rap, rock and dubstep in a blender, for his unique take on powered-up festival sonics.

Diverse, meditative, rhythmic elements merge in the work of Sarajevo’s Audio Infunktion. The producer/DJ/instrumentalist’s roster of musical heroes betrays a well-balanced palette – everyone from African icons Mulatu Astatke and Fela Kuti to jazznicks Marlena Shaw, Miles Davis, and Quincy Jones to modern-day groove merchants Red Astaire, Mark Mac, Alice Russell, Madlib and DJ Shadow. During the war in Bosnia, Audio Infunktion says somewhat understatedly that things were “pretty sticky.” Confined to his home, he reacted to the surrounding madness by picking up a guitar and starting to play. “I learned to play because of war,” he observes. “Ironic, isn’t it?” Actually, less ironic than inspirational. Percussive and soulful, Audio Infunktion’s notes remain vibrant with the rhythm of life.

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