Main Stage

Bevlove and Count Mack at Movement

46 minsRecorded 27 May 2018 at Movement in Detroit, USA
Trevor Dernai

The Motor City’s delightful R&B queen makes her festival debut and the baddest lord of the city’s underground brings the heat.

Bevlove is one of the most charismatic and powerful performers you’ll find in the current R&B landscape, blending hip-hop, electronica and even seminal Motown vibes into her sound. What rules her performances is her personality: She’s self-determined and has an uncanny ability to engage the audience. As the first R&B singer on Movement’s lineup, this episode marks a historic moment not only for Bevlove’s career, but also for the festival itself. Count Mack, born Vaughn Taormina, is an artist from the West Side of Detroit. He’s been throwing music and art shows in the city since the early 2000’s alongside Detroit legends like Sheefy McFly, Nick Speed, and Rude Jude. His signature sound is a rap/dance amalgam that pays homage to classics like Rock Bottom, Too Short, and Slick Rick. He plans to release multiple projects in 2018, including a self-animated music video entitled “G-String”. Catch Vaughn performing this year at the annual Movement Festival.

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