Main Stage

Black Merlin at MIRA Festival Berlin

63 minsRecorded 5 May 2018 at Funkhaus in BerlinThis episode is unavailable. Why?
Anna Wyszomierska

The master of suspenseful dreamscapes crafts a melodic narrative from the obscure corners of body music.

George Thompson’s musical catalog has been released on such diverse labels as Omnidisc, Bird Scarer Records, Island of the Gods, LN-CC, Common Thread, Pinkman, Berceuse Heroique, SORN, ESP Institute, Boysnoize Records and Jealous God, among others. The recurring theme here appears to be one of constant reinvention, as the genres he dabbles with oscillate from warped spacey disco, synth-driven krautrock, droney minimal wave and retrogressive EBM to the hypnotic dark techno of recent years. His breakout debut album, Hipnotik Tradisi, featured field recordings from a month-long immersion in Bali, Indonesia, and gave as much weight to the local culture as he did to finding a sound of his own. At MIRA Festival’s Berlin edition, Black Merlin plays a variety of clubby dark music in all ranks of tempo.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Denis Hürter

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