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Body & Soul at Reworks

81 minsRecorded 22 Sep 2018 at Thessaloniki in GreeceThis episode is unavailable. Why?

NYC house and disco legends François K, Danny Krivit and Joe Claussell captured live in the mix.

François K, Danny Krivit and Joe Claussell are pivotal figures and legends of New York City’s disco and house legacy. Born and raised in France, the will to follow his vocation as a drummer brought François K to New York City in 1975. From playing in R&B cover bands he soon was hired to drum along with the DJs’ records. Studio editing and mixing was the next step, and after a series of influential disco edits and medleys, K landed an A&R job at Prelude, a small indie disco label that quickly became one of the biggest. As a DJ he continued to work at seminal clubs like Studio 54, The Loft, Zanzibar and the Paradise Garage, while collaborating with its resident DJ Larry Levan. By the mid-’80s, François K had become an in-demand top remixer and producer on both sides of the Atlantic. Meanwhile, Brooklyn-born DJ legend Joe Claussell made a name for himself as the DJ at the East Village record shop Dance Tracks, eventually becoming a co-owner of the store. In the mid-’90s, he helped his friend Jerome Sydenham get the Ibadan imprint off the ground, and then started up a label of his own, Spiritual Life, in 1996. That same year, he teamed up with François K and Danny Krivit to launch Body & Soul, a weekly Sunday afternoon party that has since assumed a storied place in the history of New York nightlife. With its wide-open music policy, Body & Soul was a perfect place for Claussell to showcase the isolator-intensive mixing style that has since become his signature, not to mention his diverse music tastes, which obviously included plenty of deep, soulful house music, but also touched upon disco, jazz, funk, and a variety of African, Brazilian, Latin and Middle Eastern rhythms. In this session, the three rekindle their Body & Soul project live at Reworks in Greece.

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