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Dasha Rush at MUTEK

96 minsRecorded 26 Aug 2018 at Montreal in CanadaThis episode is unavailable. Why?
Bruno Destombes

The Berlin-based producer and DJ reveals another side of her mercurial music-machine self with an ambient set.

Once the Iron Curtain fell in her native Russia, Dasha Rush found herself immersed in Moscow’s nascent rave scene. At an early age, she took up DJing and hasn’t stopped since, even when the opportunity to work as a model prompted a move to Paris. As she became a regular on fashion runways, Rush continued playing music and began to produce tracks of her own — she used her modeling income to finance releases and two separate labels, Hunger To Create and Fullpanda. In 2006, Rush issued her debut album, Forms Ain’t Formats, and followed it up with the I Run Iron I Run Ironic LP in 2009. While Rush has remained vocally independent throughout the years, she has occasionally released records via Adam X’s Sonic Groove label, and her 2015 LP, Sleepstep – Sonar Poems For My Sleepless Friends, surfaced on esteemed experimental outpost Raster-Noton. At its core, Rush’s music has always been rooted in techno, but she’s increasingly veered into the ambient realm and away from the dancefloor, especially once she began to perform live on a regular basis. In this session, the Berlin-based artist plays ambient in a calming afternoon set.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Roland Dill

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