Main Stage

Denis Sulta, Cromby, Sally C and Jenny Cheng at Sult​a​ Selects​:​ FLY Open Air

123 minsRecorded 19 May 2018 at Edinburgh in UK
Kieran Patton

Denis Sulta and pals get together for a special back-to-back session in Edinburgh’s Hopetoun House.

Denis Sulta, Cromby, Sally C and Jenny Cheng met through Berlin’s electronic music scene — while Sulta, Cromby and Sally C still reside in the German capital, Jenny Cheng has recently moved back to London. The group of friends have stayed connected via a shared love for off-kilter house and techno bangers, and by each creating a colorful vibe in their sets. In this episode, the four friends get together at Denis Sulta’s curated festival in Edinburgh for an epic back-to-back session.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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