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DJ Paypal

Hip-HopElectronicBass Music
58 minsRecorded 1 Jul 2013 at Urban Art Forms in GrazNext Main Stage Tomorrow at 3:00am EDT

Breakneck breaks from the alter ego selector: LuckyMe’s DJ Paypal brings his blend of disco juke, juggling jungle, and r‘n’bass to Austria.

Don’t let DJ Paypal’s playful nature and positive, euphoric tunes fool you: there’s a serious element underneath the hedonistic, hands-in-the-air glaze. An American producer living in Berlin, DJ Paypal is on an anonymous quest to make people think twice about what’s going on around them, while still being able to boil over the dancefloor. His fine blend of j-pop, juke, slow jams, Miami bass, and 90s disco house has appeared on labels such as Interscape and Sewage Tapes, while his sneaky edits and cheerful remixes are all over the Internet, creating a kind of Paypal mythology that is both revealing and confounding at the same time. In an age that is obsessed with recession, credit crunch, and austerity, DJ Paypal and his Mall Music family suggest looking at things from a different angle: try easing up on the rampant consumerism, and instead get on the dancefloor and find some satisfaction for free.

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