Main Stage

Drumcell at Gamma Festival

90 minsRecorded 20 Jul 2018 at St. Petersburg in RussiaThis episode is unavailable. Why?
Denis Denisov

The Droid Behavior co-founder, DJ and producer delivers a powerful mix of high-octane techno classics and killer new cuts.

Hailing from the San Gabriel Valley near Los Angeles, California, techno producer and DJ Drumcell has a studied history in electronic discovery. A classically trained music in his youth, he found himself raving to tough, punk rock-infused genres like EBM and industrial in the ’90s rave scene, becoming increasingly fascinated with sonic darkness. After founding the Droid Behavior label with fellow San Gabriel Valley ravers Vangelis and Vidal Raíz in the early 2000s, he got stuck producing his own music, engineering the music of others, and working for the instrument and sound development company Native Instruments. With a devotion to live hardware and analog sounds, Drumcell’s back catalog to date is a trippy collection of weird-as-hell, pumping techno oddities which draw for myriad influences and present him as one of the most consistently interesting artists of his style working today.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Roland Dill

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