Main Stage

France Jobin at MUTEK

39 minsRecorded 24 Aug 2017 at Mutek in Montreal, Canada
Ashutosh Gupta

The award-winning artist opens RBMA’s Drone Activity in Progress with her sculptural electronic sound designs, live at MUTEK 2017.

France Jobin is an audio and visual artist who has worked across a variety of media since the mid-’90s. She’s best known for her experiential installations, both solo and collaborative, which explore the subtleties of sound of everyday life in relation to spatiality, architecture, and the physical effects of sound on the human body. Recent years have seen her work reach international audiences – in 2011, she presented a “philosophical concert” with the Immerson project at OBORO gallery, and her Entre-Deux sound installation as part of the Data/Fields exhibit in Washington DC, alongside Ryoji Ikeda, Mark Fell, Caleb Coppock and Andy Graydon. As well as holding artist residencies in Europe, and performing in galleries, music venues and festivals, Jobin has released various solo and compilation records, composed music for films and audiovisual collaborations. At MUTEK 2017, Jobin opens RBMA’s Drone Activity in Progress, immersing the listener in her heady, textural sonics.

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