Main Stage

Gabber Eleganza at Jetztmusik Festival

78 minsRecorded 21 Apr 2018 at Mannheim in GermanyThis episode is unavailable. Why?
Michele Stroppa

Representing the wilder, high-speed styles, the rave archivist goes in hard.

Milan-based Alberto “Gabber Eleganza” Guerrini has dedicated himself to the preservation and homage of post-rave and gabber culture through a legendary archive of photos and mixes. In the Gabber Eleganza universe, the genre is a mixture of UK happy hardcore, Belgium new beat and fast beats in the vein of Prodigy. In recent years the Gabber Eleganza project has enjoyed a good amount of attention, from DJ sets to exhibitions, fanzines and a performance called “The Hakke Show.” In this episode, the gabber lover brings his rave selections to the hallowed halls of Mannheim’s national theater.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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